What Are The Main Reasons For Disagreements In A Family

There are other conflicts between large families and nuclear families. Common problems are relatives who wear out their reception by staying too long. Then there are relatives who are too often visiting. Conflicts can also occur over loved ones who call too often or too rarely. This may increase especially at puberty, as it is normal for young people to seek independence and separation from their parents. Other causes of family struggles may include disagreement, poor communication, family changes (such as a new baby or divorce), fraternal rivalry or discipline issues. Family conflict refers to active resistance between family members. Due to the nature of family relationships, there can be a variety of forms, including verbal, physical, sexual, financial or psychological. Conflicts may include different combinations of family members: there may be conflicts within the couple or between parents and children, or between siblings. The prevention of family conflict depends on all family members and especially spouses. It should be kept in mind that some small family conflicts can have a positive direction in helping to reach agreement on controversial issues and avoid a major conflict. However, in most cases, family conflicts should not be allowed.

The main ways to avoid family conflict depend on potential conflict issues (spouses, parents, children, parents, etc.). For each concrete case, you will find useful advice in the recommended literature. Sometimes it can be too difficult to resolve family conflicts on your own, and you may need outside support to explain the situation. It is best to get additional support before the conflict causes lasting damage to family relationships. Another cause of family conflict is the inevitable rivalry between siblings. Children generally seek the attention and consent of their parents, even if it requires that a sibling child be shredded or sometimes harmed. Whether a child expresses jealousy towards his siblings, whether he is competing with him or he teases him all the time, he is destined to create conflict. Every child deserves an equal level of parental love and acceptance, but sometimes a parent may prefer one child to another.